What to eat when it’s too hot to move?

Okay. It’s still super-hot here and I’m DETERMINED not to turn on my air conditioning until I absolutely have to and my fan just broke. Boo! What all of this means is that I’m not feeling super-psyched about turning on the oven every time I want something to eat. And THAT means that I’m going to be eating a lot of sandwiches for a while now.

Starting with Ezra Poundcake‘s Creamy-Crunchy Radish Sandwiches with Capers, Black Olives, and Arugula.


6 thoughts on “What to eat when it’s too hot to move?

    • Hmm, if it’s too cold to move, you’re probably in a bit of trouble! But, yep, I’d agree with Claire and go with soup. 😉

  1. OK, so it’s only, like, 30 degrees C or something? That’s too hot to move?

    What is it going to be like in July?

    Debs: Soup.

    • Oh, it’ll probably be quite comfortable to you! 😉 It’s just that it’s not supposed to be this hot yet in May – we kind of got thrust into summer quite suddenly, going from 15 degrees C one day to 30 the next. Plus I always forget just how oppressive the humidity is here!

    • You should make it – just be sure you read the recipe correctly, otherwise you’ll end up with a TON of it like I did (1lb. of radishes instead of a cup)!

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