Oh, I’ve got a TV hangover and I’m blaming Veronica Mars!

It’s cool and noir and no one is what they seem and there’s so much more going on underneath everything and just when you think someone is a jackass, he’s not and just when you think someone’s a good guy, he’s not.

And I can’t seem to watch less than six episodes at a time, hence the TV hangover.

But. All I can think is that it’s basically The Chloe Sullivan Show with more gadgets and without Chloe’s mad computering skillz. And no meteor freaks. And it’s Chloe Sullivan as played by Kristen Bell. And as much as I like Kristen Bell, she’s no Allison Mack.

They look enough alike, and because the show is shot with pretty dark lighting, that my brain insists on seeing Allison Mack instead. But then every once in a while, there’ll be a shot where Kristen Bell is making a weird face or for some reason, she’s out in broad daylight and I’m like ‘Wait. Who IS that?’

Still I love it to pieces and I can’t believe it took me this long to watch it! I’ve heard that the second two seasons aren’t as good as the first, but, if you ask me, it would have been hard not to be.