Random (but apt) movie reference…

It’s starting to look like the set of Signs around here.

Every time I get a drink of water and set the glass down, Arthur sticks his head in and drinks out of it. And they have water! I checked! And they get the same exact water that I get. I have no idea why he thinks mine is better than his.

But every time he does it, I have to go get another glass…

Signs is the one I mean, right? With Mel Gibson and the aliens? And the daughter who leaves water glasses everywhere and it turns out that the aliens, like the Wicked Witch of the West have a dangerously common weakness?


2 thoughts on “Random (but apt) movie reference…

  1. Yes, Signs.

    I happened to really like that movie–after talking about it with friends. There’s a lot that’s fun to analyze. I’m just saying, even though I know you aren’t much of an M. Night fan.

    • Only because he tries too hard! Which is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to The Last Airbender or whatever it’s called – surely that hasn’t got some sooper sekrit twist ending…

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