Want to hear about my new obsession?

It’s wind farms. (Ill-photographed wind farms, but it’s the best Edward and I could do.)

I’ve seen the ones in California, but this is a field of them that’s only about an hour or so away from here. I didn’t know we had them in Illinois, but I guess it makes sense – it’s big and flat with nothing to stop the wind from howling across the countryside.

And I love them.

There’s something strangely…eerie about them. They all face the same direction, so it’s like they’re watching for something that hasn’t happened yet or waiting for something that’s about to happen. They’re big and spindly and post-apocalyptic and they all turn deliberately slowly.

And then, every once in a while there’s one that’s stopped and all I want to know is why.


It’s fascinating.

Seriously, if I lived near one of these wind farms, I’d get nothing done. I’d just stare out of my window all day, trying to make sense of them all.


6 thoughts on “Want to hear about my new obsession?

  1. There’s on by Paw-Paw–really close to DeKalb. I drove past it all the time. They are a bit freaky…but kinda cool.

    • They are! They’re like silent sentinels of the flatlands. Or something.

      I always thought it would be cool to live in a lighthouse or on a canalboat, but now I’m going to have to add windmill to that list, too (a la Jonathan Creek)!

      (Not that you can live in this kind of windmill, but you know what I mean…)

  2. Mom and I love them too. In Kansas there are miles of them along the interstate. I think they are bigger than they appear — people can stand up inside the space behind the blades I think. Hard for birds and bats perhaps — downside to every upside in life.

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