Know what I’m talking about? Oh, only NEW EPISODES OF FUTURAMA!

Futurama (9:00 CST, Comedy Central)

I’m not sure if this is season 5 or season 6 – do the series of movies count as a season or not? This is like Doctor Who all over again…

But I don’t care! Long story short: Fox cancelled it in 2003 and after airing as reruns on Comedy Central for ages and then with its series of four movies, it’s back with new episodes on Comedy Central!

I have to admit to not being completely thrilled with the movies – except for the Fry/Leela story – but they seem to be back in fine form with the new episodes. I laughed pretty hard at the first two that have aired already.

I’m just glad to be able to spend more time with my entirely unhealthy crush on Fry!

It’s not all slave labor around here, though…

To be fair, I did make dinner for us myself on Sunday. What did I make? Veggie alfredo! There are lots of tomatoes and onions and even asparagus in it, but it still can’t really make up for the butter, cream, parmesan, and cream cheese sauce that goes on it. Artery clogging indeed!

But also yummy! Uh, except for the fact that I totally undercooked the fettucine. And forgot to stir it so it all stuck together. But Claire was very nice and said that it tasted fine. It’s certainly edible, just not perfect (but that’s entirely my fault, not the recipe’s).

So when you come visit, I make you make me pancakes and serve you undercooked, fattening pasta dishes. Who’s stopping by next?!

Guest post! Claire makes cookies!

Shortly after my 42 hour journey to arrive here, I was introduced to Anne’s kitchen. And her kitchenaid mixer.

And in my jet-lag-and-flu stupor on Tuesday, I decided that I could not wait any longer to test out the kitchen and kitchenaid mixer. After rummaging through Anne’s pantry and fridge for ingredients, I made vanilla thumbprint cookies, with a distinct 4th of July theme. Some had strawberry jam in their indentation, the others made friends with either red, white or blue coloured chocolate melts (hence the 4th of July theme).

The kitchenaid worked a treat (and now I would like must have one). The cookies worked a treat too, as a late-afternoon or even post-cheesy-fries-at-the-baseball-palate-cleanser snack.

The recipe claimed it made 24 cookies. But when I was half-way through rolling out the cookie dough, and already at 30 cookies, I came to conclusion that their number-of-cookie estimates were not entirely accurate. So the extra half are all prepared but frozen, ready to bake at a moments notice for unannounced visitors or my grumbly mid-afternoon tummy.

I bid you adieu, until my next kitchen adventure!

Take me out to the ball game!

I wanted to take Claire to a baseball game – the quintessential American pasttime – but we didn’t want the cost of a major league baseball game, so Claire, Liz, Rachel, and I went to see a Frontier League game in nearby Normal instead!

And it was really fun! I mean, the Cornbelters weren’t super great – I think it took them until the third inning to get anybody on base – and the crowd was unsettlingly subdued – seriously, no one was cheering for anything, but the stadium was very nice and we got beer and hot dogs and peanuts and I consumed my five-year allotment of vat cheese in the space of about a half an hour and the weather was perfect and we got to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the seventh inning stretch and all for about what you’d pay for one soda at a major league baseball game.

So I count that a success and a bargain!

Except now I totally have to detox because of all that vat cheese. It tastes good at the time but then the self-loathing sets in.

But it was worth it!