Guest post! Claire makes cookies!

Shortly after my 42 hour journey to arrive here, I was introduced to Anne’s kitchen. And her kitchenaid mixer.

And in my jet-lag-and-flu stupor on Tuesday, I decided that I could not wait any longer to test out the kitchen and kitchenaid mixer. After rummaging through Anne’s pantry and fridge for ingredients, I made vanilla thumbprint cookies, with a distinct 4th of July theme. Some had strawberry jam in their indentation, the others made friends with either red, white or blue coloured chocolate melts (hence the 4th of July theme).

The kitchenaid worked a treat (and now I would like must have one). The cookies worked a treat too, as a late-afternoon or even post-cheesy-fries-at-the-baseball-palate-cleanser snack.

The recipe claimed it made 24 cookies. But when I was half-way through rolling out the cookie dough, and already at 30 cookies, I came to conclusion that their number-of-cookie estimates were not entirely accurate. So the extra half are all prepared but frozen, ready to bake at a moments notice for unannounced visitors or my grumbly mid-afternoon tummy.

I bid you adieu, until my next kitchen adventure!

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