Know what I’m talking about? Oh, only NEW EPISODES OF FUTURAMA!

Futurama (9:00 CST, Comedy Central)

I’m not sure if this is season 5 or season 6 – do the series of movies count as a season or not? This is like Doctor Who all over again…

But I don’t care! Long story short: Fox cancelled it in 2003 and after airing as reruns on Comedy Central for ages and then with its series of four movies, it’s back with new episodes on Comedy Central!

I have to admit to not being completely thrilled with the movies – except for the Fry/Leela story – but they seem to be back in fine form with the new episodes. I laughed pretty hard at the first two that have aired already.

I’m just glad to be able to spend more time with my entirely unhealthy crush on Fry!

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