It’s not all slave labor around here, though…

To be fair, I did make dinner for us myself on Sunday. What did I make? Veggie alfredo! There are lots of tomatoes and onions and even asparagus in it, but it still can’t really make up for the butter, cream, parmesan, and cream cheese sauce that goes on it. Artery clogging indeed!

But also yummy! Uh, except for the fact that I totally undercooked the fettucine. And forgot to stir it so it all stuck together. But Claire was very nice and said that it tasted fine. It’s certainly edible, just not perfect (but that’s entirely my fault, not the recipe’s).

So when you come visit, I make you make me pancakes and serve you undercooked, fattening pasta dishes. Who’s stopping by next?!


3 thoughts on “It’s not all slave labor around here, though…

    • D’oh! This looks like I’ve said that to myself, but I think it was really you, Claire. At least I hope it was you – otherwise I’ve taken to replying to my own blog posts in my sleep…

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