‘They specialize in the ridiculous’? Yes, please!

And much like Prince of Persia, what you see is what you get! Want lots of explosions? Check. Want lots of crazy stunts, many of which involve airplanes and/or oversized weaponry? Check! Want a tank falling out of an airplane? CHECK!

So don’t go expecting anything Oscar-worthy, but if you just want a mindless action movie with the added bonus of Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper (and Jessica Biel rocking some aviator shades) for a little eye candy on the side, then this is the movie for you.

Fun summer fluff, nothing more, nothing less.

Summer blockbuster tally = 6-0-0 (I think this may be an unprecedented tally to have at this point! Though Transformers 2 had already wrecked the curve for last year’s tally, by now, I think…)


We had planned to go see Toy Story 3 yesterday, but at the last minute, decided to go see it at the nearby drive-in.

So we stocked up on candy and headed out. We ended up getting there two hours before the sun went down and the movie started, but it was a good thing because they’d opened the gates early and we were able to get a good parking spot.

The weather was beautiful and Eclipse was playing on the other screen, so it was pretty busy! I’ll admit that I was a little bit wary of a third Toy Story – really Pixar? You can’t be bothered to make up new characters? – but it was really good! It is a little more sinister than Pixar usually are (and OMG, Big Baby is super creepy!), I think, but kids won’t notice – and it will make you cry and want to check up on your childhood toys (hence the post title – I texted my mom at intermission and asked her to go check on my toy stuffed dog), but it’s also very funny and there are some fun new characters. Definitely go see it but bring your tissues!

Summer blockbuster tally = 5-0-0