‘They specialize in the ridiculous’? Yes, please!

And much like Prince of Persia, what you see is what you get! Want lots of explosions? Check. Want lots of crazy stunts, many of which involve airplanes and/or oversized weaponry? Check! Want a tank falling out of an airplane? CHECK!

So don’t go expecting anything Oscar-worthy, but if you just want a mindless action movie with the added bonus of Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper (and Jessica Biel rocking some aviator shades) for a little eye candy on the side, then this is the movie for you.

Fun summer fluff, nothing more, nothing less.

Summer blockbuster tally = 6-0-0 (I think this may be an unprecedented tally to have at this point! Though Transformers 2 had already wrecked the curve for last year’s tally, by now, I think…)

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