Guest post! Claire makes risotto! And lemon shakeups!

[Man, this is the life! Dinner and drinks made for me!]

[Look at her – taking the time to garnish it so beautifully!]

Anne said she’d never made a proper risotto before, so with it being one of my favourite recipes, I just had to share the risotto love. So tonight I made a roasted tomato risotto with spinach and mozzarella. And it was yummy (well, I thought it was, anyway). [It was VERY yummy! I can’t wait to take leftovers for lunch this week. Silly Claire.] The cherry tomatoes were roasted with garlic and balsamic vinegar which made them super sweet – a nice contrast to the richness of the cheese.

I also made lemon shake-ups earlier in the day, to reminisce about our firework experience. It’s basically a lemon sugar syrup mixed with ice and water – so simple, but, boy, it was tasty! I didn’t quite have the “shake shake shake” of the purchased variety, but that could be perfected with a cocktail shaker or similar piece of equipment. The lemon syrup was even good with an included shot of tequila (almost a margarita). I didn’t take a photo at the time, but maybe tomorrow!

Like working with a muppet…

So I like Cameron Diaz, I like Muse (which plays over the trailer), and, somehow, they seem to have managed the impossible here – making Tom Cruise seem likable. And appealing!

Also? They make him seem as tall as Cameron Diaz, which I know for a fact is not true. Seriously, they must have either built up a stage for him to walk around on with her or they dug an intricate series of trenches for her to walk in because throughout the whole movie, it looks like he is at least as tall as she is and sometimes slightly taller.

But movie magic aside, it was a pretty fun movie – very caperish with lots of double crosses and uncertainty about who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy. Probably full of plot holes if you pay too close attention, but isn’t that what you want from a summer action movie? A little action, a little romance, and a plot that doesn’t always make the most sense.

The summer blockbuster tally is really on a roll!

p.s. – Tom Cruise’s character is Knight, but we’re still not entirely sure who Day is because Cameron Diaz’s character’s last name is Havens…

Summer blockbuster tally = 7-0-0 (Frankly, I’m amazed.)

Dammit! Still patriotic…

Yesterday we went to Springfield to see the Lincoln museum.

Why do I look like I'm trying to flirt with him?!

It’s really a very well done and well thought-out museum – the flow of everything is very smooth and really gives you a sense of context about his life. They do approach overuse of fake figures, though they haven’t quite crossed the line. And the little presentations are very good, too – though the Lincoln’s Eyes one is a little heavy-handed…

I don’t know why, but nearly every exhibit made me cry! What’s wrong with me?! I mean, I knew the Civil War in Four Minutes thing would get – gets me every damn time! – but I teared up a little at the presentation about the Lincoln Library, for crying out loud! I don’t know, something about longevity and the mystery of it and connections to the past, blah blah blah. At any rate, it got me.

We also saw your book there, Janis! Claire was very impressed that I knew a real life author (and that you were kind enough to include me in your acknowledgements – you’ll totally be in mine if I ever get published!). 🙂

So if you find yourself in Springfield, I’d recommend stopping by the museum – we didn’t go to Mr. Lincoln’s Neighborhood, but I remember it fairly fondly from many a school trip. Just don’t get too close to Abe – he’s mine!