I’m playing catch-up!

I’m very behind on my posts, so I’m doing my best to have a posting marathon this evening which I’ll leave scheduled to post over the next week (which will make me look more prolific than I really am)!

Last Friday was Rachel’s birthday, so my only question was ‘What should I bake to bring to work to celebrate?’ I really couldn’t decide between the Baked brownies and a tres leches cake. So I asked the birthday girl! She was very diplomatic, but I read between the lines and went with…

…the tres leches cake! There are so many recipes to choose from, but in the end I went with Emeril’s because he’s never let me down – and still hasn’t! It wasn’t as soggy!cake as I thought it would be – the cake was really spongy and just soaked up all the liquid. With the whipped cream and the strawberries, it sort of tasted like an even sweeter strawberry shortcake – not that I’m complaining!