Wanna see something weird?

It’s harder to see than I thought it would be, but there’s now a security camera out by our dumpster. At first I thought maybe somebody was just really interested in our trash or the squirrels that hide out there, but then I noticed that it’s actually pointed at the driveway, so there goes those theories!

I’ve become sort of fascinated by it. It’s bigger than security cameras usually are and pretty low down – it would be really easy to steal it – and has this really bright, slow-blinking red light on it, which makes me think of Hal from 2001.

I walked around to all four other garage areas to see if maybe the condo association had installed them at each driveway, but this is the only one. And when I got back from my mini-casing of the joint, there were two people taking out their trash, too, so I wandered over and asked them if they knew why it was there. They seemed as baffled as I was and assured me that I wasn’t unobservant –  it really is a new addition.

Mostly, I think, I’m obsessed with the thought of who is watching its footage. I mean, did the association put it up? Did the owner of that garage put it up? Is someone sitting in a darkened basement somewhere, staring at endless footage of our dumpster?

And I don’t usually fall in with the ‘Hi, Mom!’ crowd, but for some reason, I’m really having to resist playing a game of charades with it…

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