Not bad…but not Pixar.

Okay, here’s the weird thing. Even though it stars people I like – Steve Carrell, Russell Brand, and the perfect-husband-height Jason Segel – and even though Gru is cute and the little girls are cute and the little evil details in the movie are awesome and the minions are now on my list of favorite things ever and the hero is a villain who doesn’t learn a lesson about not being a villain and you all know how I feel about that and there were quite a few things I laughed at, I’m going to let this movie throw off the perfect summer blockbuster tally a little.

I don’t know if my expectations for cleverness and wit were too high (because, like I said, it did make me laugh) or if the heavy-handed message bothered more than I’m realizing or if the EXTRAORDINARILY lackluster trailers put me in a bad mood, but for some reason, I left the movie feeling like I’d been let down. I think that’s as close as I’m going to get to putting it into words and I can’t really give you a good reason for it, so…

Summer blockbuster tally: 8-1-0 (See? It’s just a draw, so we’re only a little off the perfect record.)


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