Not a museum!

We are in St. Louis!

Originally our plan was to start at the arch and then move on to the St. Louis City Museum, but from a little outside of Springfield all the way into St. Louis, we hit a pretty big thunderstorm, so we decided to head to the museum first and try to wait out the weather so we could actually see things from the arch.

And, it turns out, I use the word ‘museum’ loosely. The City Museum is basically a combination of a pretty impressive indoor children’s playground, an architectural museum that seemed to be made up of bits that have fallen off of buildings over the years, collections of doorknobs, and random crap that people have unearthed around the city, including but not limited to, keys, pottery, old arcade games, a bug collection, a female mannequin with a demon’s head, and an old peep show…thing.

Turns out what we wanted was the Missouri History Museum which was very educational and taught us all about the 1904 World’s Fair, Charles Lindbergh, and the city itself. Also, being greeted by a violinist was a very nice change from the screaming children of the City Museum.

By the time we were done at the History Museum and had taken a little drive around the park where the World’s Fair was held, the storm had passed and the sun was out so we were off to the arch! To stand in line! Forever!

But finally we had our tickets! Before we rode the tram to the top of the arch, we saw a giant movie about Lewis and Clark which was really good and now I’m going to have to read some more about them – any recommendations, Janis? After your book, of course! Also, can you tell us what happened to Lewis’ dog? He sort of disappeared halfway through the film and we were worried about him!

Tomorrow we’re off to Six Flags – cross your fingers that we don’t overheat (it’s supposed to be 94 degrees tomorrow)!