Oh, I’m getting old!

Today we were at Six Flags and we really lucked out! We were there when the park opened and the whole day we didn’t wait in a line longer than 5 minutes. And the weather was great, too! Warm enough for the water tides – which are totally my favorites – but not unbearable.

We got completely, entirely soaked on the Tidal Wave (seeing that wave come at you when you’re standing on the bridge is so awesome!) and I finally got wet on the river rapids ride! That never happens! Or, if it does, it just splashes up over the side and lands in my lap. But this time, Claire and I ended up in the waterfall! It was very exciting. Then we went on the log flume ride which is an old favorite, even though it’s not nearly as splashy as the Tidal Wave (though really, what is?!) except for the time my physics class went to the Six Flags in Chicago for Physics Day – my group went on the log ride and I was in the back. Not going to get wet there, right? Right! Unless the three people in front of you all duck.

A big storm front rolled in a little after lunch and cooled everything off. It really looked very ominous – it got very dark and pretty chilly and the wind picked up quickly – and they closed the water rides for a while. But it cleared up without a drop of rain in about 45 minutes or so.

By this time, I was fading fast. Gimme a break, I’m very nearly 30 years old – after 6 hours in an amusement park, it’s time for a nap! Plus I was tired of having my neck bones realigned by the roller coasters (see my freakish neck in the accompanying photo). Stop judging me – I’m old! So we went on Batman (which has a ridiculously long walk up to it when there’s no line) and the Superman Tower of Power (a free-fall ride) one last time, got Claire a corndog and a soft frozen lemonade (OMG so good!) for me, and headed home, exhausted.

Tomorrow we’re off to Meramac Caverns and the Anheuser-Busch brewery!