Fiction: Romance

Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare

I think I say this every time I post about a romance novel, but I hardly ever read them anymore, except for Julia Quinn. But someone – and I’ll be honest, I have no idea who – recommended this one and I needed a mass market to get me over the free shipping limit on Amazon a while ago, so I tossed this one in my cart.

There’s nothing revolutionary going on here, but it’s certainly enjoyable enough. The hero is suitably brooding and handsome (though I have to wonder why there aren’t more easygoing, funny heroes in romance novels – much more appealing!) and the heroine is suitably likable and spunky (and here I have a slight bone to pick – how are we, the readers, supposed to identify with these constantly petite and gorgeous heroines who think quickly on their feet – where is the tall, average-looking at best, socially awkward heroine [i.e., me]?).

I think I came in in the middle of a series, though, as there were obviously other characters who had already had or were imminently destined to have their own romance novels – not that you particularly need to have the backstory to enjoy this one. The ending felt a bit rushed – I’m not sure Jeremy won’t lapse back into grumpy and overbearing once the honeymoon’s over – but it was an enjoyable enough bit of fluff.

My rating: C+


2 thoughts on “Fiction: Romance

  1. I saved the email notification of this post in my inbox b/c I wanted to be sure I told you how much I agree. (and look, I almost forgot)

    Re:funny, easy-going heroes; awkward, tall, average heroines….no kidding! Where are they?? I’ll tell you where…right here! (and I mean us)

    We just need Graham to get on that screenplay…and then we’ll be in print (and I guess film).

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