So while Claire was still here, we went to Indianapolis for a day. Which was really fun! Indianapolis is a very pretty city – they have canals there! Although their peddle boats are way too expensive. But still! We started off at the Indiana Museum which was very interesting – we learned all about how Indiana was settled and their involvement in the Civil War (they’re very into the Civil War, apparently) and famous Indian…ians? We also saw an IMAX movie about the Hubble which was actually pretty cool!

Then, despite it being super, SUPER hot, we walked to the capital building and took a self tour – it’s actually a very pretty capital building – they were clever and put a stained glass window underneath their dome. Why has no one else thought of doing this?

Then we walked even further, despite the heat, to see the Civil War monument. We walked through the museum which outlines Indiana’s involvement in the war in great detail and Claire pretended to be a Civil War wife.

Then we realized that we could climb the tower of the monument. They charge you $2 to take the elevator up, though, so consoling ourselves with the fact that we’d both climbed many a tall European monument (e.g., St. Paul’s [numerous times], the monument of the great fire of London [Claire has a certificate to prove it!], Notre Dame, and St. Peter’s), we figured this would be no sweat. We…were a little bit wrong.

We made it, but we would like to testify that it’s much taller than it looks!


3 thoughts on “Indy!

  1. And much hotter and stuffier until the airconditioning at the top. I definately feel more satisfaction from having hiked to the top, though.

    • Yep, definitely a sense of satisfaction from climbing all those stairs. Plus we’ve done all those impressive ones in other countries, we couldn’t have let a monument in Indiana defeat us!

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