Dear BBC,

I know you have no money (e.g., Torchwood being farmed out to Starz or whatever), but holy fucking hell, you cannot, CANNOT, film an entirely awesome three-episode series of a 21st century Sherlock Holmes (curling up with a laptop and always tapping away at his iPhone – who knew it would work, but it does – it TOTALLY does), LEAVE IT LIKE THAT, and NOT PICK IT UP FOR MORE EPISODES!

That is just cruel.

I did not know you had it in you.

Please to be righting this HORRIFIC wrong otherwise, my computer’s safety will come into question.

NO love,


p.s. – I have sort of (but not really) forgiven you for ruining Torchwood. I will never forgive you for this.

p.p.s. – NEVER.



4 thoughts on “Oh, for FUCK’S SAKE, BBC!

  1. I think the real question(s) is/are:

    What else has the guy playing Holmes been in? (oh! Nevermind, it totally just came to me)

    And now, most important, why didn’t you tell me about a modern Sherlock Holmes? Really, Anne? Really? I really expected more from you….

    • I’m a horrible person – why DIDN’T I tell you about this?! I think you would like it. Benedict Cumberbatch (what have you seen him in before?) kind of takes a little getting used to (his face is just so flat), but I’m completely sold now. His voice! His voice!

      Also I adore Martin Freeman, so even though he doesn’t have a moustache, he still makes a great Watson.

      And Lestrade! Silver fox!

      That’s it, I’m getting my flash drive.

  2. Hello Anne,
    Love your writing style and share your enthusiasm for Sherlock. I too was not sure that I’d like the modern twist but I do!! I do hope they continue the series. I’m still strongly behind the Granada series with the late Jeremy Brett. My idea of Holmes was truly captured in it. I also find ‘Murder Rooms’ quite good. I hope you write more on Holmes.



    • They’re already filming series 2 – I think it’s supposed to air in the fall (they’re having to work around Martin’s casting in The Hobbit, but I think they’ve got it sorted out). They’re doing modern updates of A Scandal in Bohemia, Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Final Problem (I’m excited about Final Problem, but have trepidations because its being written by the guy who did The Blind Banker which I thought was by far the weakest of series 1) – can’t wait!

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