Very tasty! Also? Very messy.

Like I said, I’m back in the saddle again (Claire! We forgot to make Smitten Kitchen’s breakfast pizza!) – and now that I’m also restocking my freezer after an Incident, I’m thinking ahead. For instance, this evening, I made thyme pesto (Holy cow, that was tedious, pulling all those leaves off the little thyme sprigs – and yes, I know you slide your fingers down the sprig and the leaves just pop off, but you see how fast you can do 1/2-worth of that!):

Also very timely because I just did a clear-out of my fridge which included throwing away a jar of storebought pesto that I’m pretty sure moved with me from my last apartment. But what did I do with it tonight? I made this – Grilled (or toasted, in my case) Bread with Thyme Pesto, Lemon Cream (I used the Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream or creme fraiche because that’s what I had – for making Turkish eggs), and a Fried Egg (or poached, again in my case). I used the substitution of lemon zest, lemon juice, and salt for the preserved lemons because, hello! We don’t have those in central Illinois – and I haven’t been thinking quite that far ahead…

As you can probably guess, it’s very tasty, but also very messy. Seriously. This is not to be eaten in company – I ended up with yoghurt and egg all over me! But it was totally worth it.

ETA: Also. How have I made it this far without acquiring a set of pie weights? Or at least a bag of dried beans to USE as pie weights?! RAWR!

4 thoughts on “Very tasty! Also? Very messy.

  1. OMG! We forgot the pizza!

    Maybe we’ll both have to make it at the same time to simulate us actually being in the same place and making it together…

    And that looks yummy.

    (What was “the Incident”?)

    • I don’t know why I just thought of it, but we did! That sounds like a good idea – we’ll have to synchronize watches and bake away.

      It WAS yummy!

      My dad didn’t close the freezer drawer properly and I didn’t notice until the next night by which time everything had thawed out. I had to throw away everything in there – including all the stuff you made and left for me! – because once things unfreeze, that’s pretty much it, you can’t refreeze them, and everything was soggy and something had started to smell already. D:

      It was horrific and I was pretty grumpy about it.

      I will rebuild, though!

      • Oh bummer. Never mind. I guess sometime’s is good for a complete clean-out. Are you drinking lots of minute maid orange juice now, or did that get tossed too?

        I guess with the heat over there, once it was defrosted it starts to go off straight away. Not like here at the moment, where I can leave my steak out on my kitchen counter to defrost during the day and get home and still have it partially frozen and waiting for me without it having grown legs.

        • Luckily that was what I opened the freezer up to get – the last orange juice and figured that it was still cold and I’d have let it sit on the counter to defrost first anyway, so I went ahead and drank it. And I’m not dead yet, so I think that was a good decision!

          Well, I do have the air conditioner on, but I think it still defrosted really quickly and then all that water was just sitting in the dark for a day, so… 😦

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