I seriously cannot tell them apart!

In addition to car blindness, I think I must have Granada!Watson blindness – I absolutely cannot tell the difference between David Burke and Edward Hardwicke. I just watched The Final Problem followed by The Musgrave Ritual and it wasn’t until the end credits ran that I realized we’d switched Watsons!

On the left, we have Watson #1 (David Burke). I think? And on the right, it's Watson #2 (Edward Hardwicke). I'm pretty sure...

When put next to each other like that, it’s quite clear that they’re two separate people, but watching them in the series, I have no idea which one I’m watching – or even that I’m watching a different one!

3 thoughts on “I seriously cannot tell them apart!

  1. Oh my God, absolutely!!! I felt the same thing. You could’ve fooled me. I find that the acting and the direction in the entire series are excellent. Mr. Brett does look tired and puffy in the more recent episodes. He has indeed left a lasting legacy in his depiction of the World’s First Consulting Detective. I am sure many millions will delight in his craft.

    • Definitely Jeremy Brett will be the classic Holmes – I love Cucumberpatch’s modern take on the character and, I know it’s kind of controversial, but I liked RDJ’s version, too, but Jeremy Brett is definitely the closest to book!canon that I think we’ll have.

      • Cucumberpatch – ha! Nice one. I’ll want to watch the entire series before I can make a decision. Liked the couple of episodes I have seen.

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