The movie poster, it does not lie!

I was just about to type that this movie was EPICALLY GOOD, when I noticed it’s tag line. AND IT’S TRUE! I’m just back from seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and it was fantastic! Funny and sweet and frenetic but in a good way and surreal and full of charm and JUST PLAIN WONDERFUL. I mean, of course, there’s stuff they had to drop from the books, but somehow it still manages to have all the heart and, I know I just said it, charm that the books have!

Michael Cera seriously kicks ass and does it with his usual hangdog awkwardness, but I totally believe it when he drops into awesome kungfu mode. The girl playing Ramona comes off as sort of…dry and a little bland (impressive when you have color-changing hair), but Ramona is a kind of problematic character (even more so than Scott Pilgrim actually is), so I’ll forgive her – it was always going to be a bit of an uphill battle. But Knives Chau totally makes up for it – she’s pretty super! I do love Kieran Culkin who rocks as Scott’s roommate Wallace – even though he totally got left out of the final battle (one of the very few complaints I had about the books) – why isn’t he in more movies?

I know that this year’s summer blockbuster tally doesn’t need the help, but you know what? I’m going to do it – Scott Pilgrim has achieved +5,000! Level up!

Summer blockbuster tally: 5,008-1-0


4 thoughts on “The movie poster, it does not lie!

  1. I had a problem with Ramona too. I felt connected to Scott and wanted him to succeed in the end, but I didn’t feel anything that would make me pull for Scott AND Ramona. Their relationship should have been better developed. But I loved it nontheless, and am waiting for books 3-6 to come in the mail—can’t wait.

    • I agree – but it’s sort of the same in the book – I really didn’t feel very invested in their relationship for any reason other than they’re the main characters and I knew I was supposed to be. And yet I still really loved the books (and the movie), so I guess there’s something there!

      Hope you like the books!

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