And the last of the summer blockbusters…

…and I use that term loosely, but since it’s technically still summer, there you go.

Really, really quite good! Much more clever than I was expecting, but it really was a witty, insightful teenaged movie. I really like Emma Stone, but this movie also has Amanda Bynes (no idea why I like her, but I do), Thomas Haden Church, Lisa Kudrow, and Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as Emma Stone’s delightfully loopy but loving parents – so there’s someone for everyone! Oh, and the kid from Cougartown whose name I can never remember.

And I only have 7 minutes until NEW TELEVISION, so…you should go see Easy A! How’s that for a concise review? 😉

FINAL summer blockbuster tally = 5,012-1-0

I think that must be the most successful summer movie season yet!

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