New TV: Monday

Oh, you guys, it’s my favorite week of the year. Seriously, I look forward to this week the whole year! And it’s certainly not because of impending Wednesdays. D: So I’ll kick things off with my professional TV-watcher Mondays! I thought I was a pro based on last season’s Monday schedule in which I had to watch three hours of television in two hours.

That. Was nothing.


Two and a half hours of television in…one hour.


Chuck (7:00 CST, NBC)

I think we have lots to look forward this season – the overarching plot of the search for Chuck and Ellie’s mom (Linda Hamilton) seems like it’ll be pretty interesting, Chuck and Sarah will be working out their spy/romantic relationship (and the writers have reassured us that they’re staying that way – they’ve jerked the audience around enough), and it seems like the Buy More will be taking a more important role (I hope they’ll figure out a way to bring back some of the regular employees – I already miss Jeff and Big Mike). Also, seems like we’ll have plenty of Morgan (I’ve heard he’ll be dating Casey’s daughter who we met at the end of last season) AND there’s a mini-Awesome on the way, too!

My rating: HELLS, YEAH!

Then we move on to…

How I Met Your Mother (7:00 CST, CBS)

As excited as I was for HIMYM to start up again, this first episode left me feeling kind of blah about it all. I think it might be that I just can’t get behind the whole Lily-and-Marshall-trying-to-have-a-baby storyline – it’s going to ruin the whole dynamic! I think they’ve told us they’re going to lead us closer to actually meeting the mother which should be fun. I’m not sure what storylines are in store for Robin or Barney, though – oh, wait, no, I think Barney’s supposed to find out who his father is this season. There were still quite a few things that made me laugh, it just didn’t necessarily have the sparkle that it used to.

My rating: I’m too invested in the characters and what’s going to happen to them to stop watching at this point – I just hope it picks up soon!

And finally…

House, MD (7:00 CST, Fox)

I have to say that I was very disappointed in the end of last season. I thought they took the easy way out even though life very often doesn’t go that way. Happy endings don’t necessarily happen, no matter how much you may want them to. But those House writers are cleverer than I gave them credit for. House didn’t get his happy ending. Not yet. It looks to me like they’re really going to make him work for it. If he wants it. So I’m hooked.

There’s also a bit of a mystery regarding Thirteen (she of the prey eyes) and where she’s gone (Olivia Wilde’s off filming a movie with…Harrison Ford, I want to say?) – though I’m pretty sure she’ll be back eventually (she and Taub have finally made the opening credit sequence – well done!). I’ve heard there’s going to be a sort of replacement female doctor hovering around to fill her shoes, so that should be interesting.

My rating: I’m looking forward to watching House navigate this next season.

Don’t attempt this at home. But it’s totally worth it!

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