New TV: Tuesday

Glee (7:00 CST, Fox)

They’re back and already the drama is running high! Some things are back to normal (Quinn’s head cheerleader once more) and some things are all topsy-turvy (Finn’s off the football team!); some things are all topsy-turvy (Will and Sue ganging up against the new football coach) and some things are back to normal (that alliance neither lasted very long nor went well at all). Rachel is at an even higher level of crazy – at a cost to New Directions and we have at least one imminent addition (I assume) to the glee club.

The only thing that we all noticed is that the lip synching seems a bit more obvious this season. I’m hoping they’ve just forgotten how its done during the summer break. Oh, and not nearly enough Brittany, as far as I’m concerned. But since next week is the Britney Spears episode, I’m hoping that will change soon! Also, my fellow Gleeks and I hardly recognized any of the songs this week – we must be way out of touch with those newfangled young folk (I’m very nearly old, but I don’t know what their excuse is). 😉

My rating: I’m inordinately excited about next week’s Britney episode. And it turns out we’re still bitter about them not placing at Regionals. So I’m definitely tuning in to see them kick Vocal Adrenaline’s collective ass at Nationals!


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