New TV: Wednesday

Modern Family (8:00 CST, ABC)

Now, see, this is why I love Modern Family – everyone else is setting up season-long plot arcs and introducing us to a new round of characters, but Modern Family just turned up and did what they do best. I don’t really have anything to say other than ‘ARE YOU WATCHING THIS SHOW?!’

My rating: Because you should be WATCHING THIS SHOW!

Cougar Town (8:30 CST, ABC)

And I love this one, too. I think Busy Phillips is my favorite thing about this show – how is she so awesome?! I’m hoping that this episode has sorted things out and that we’re not going to linger too much on the Jules/Grayson/Bobby thing, but everything else was great! But what was Jennifer Aniston wearing?! Whatever it was, it wasn’t good.

My rating: \o/


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