A perfectly acceptable fluffy comedy!

I thought this looked cute enough – and I like everyone in it (well, I don’t know who Odette Yustman is) – but then I started reading the reviews. They were terrible! Apparently everyone else hated this movie? I just kept telling myself that most of those critics didn’t hate Leap Year and should have, so it was entirely possible that they were wrong about this movie, too.

And they were! I mean, nobody’s going to win an Oscar for it, but everyone’s very likable (except when they’re not supposed to be), there are some pretty cute moments, and everything ends up happily. So go see it – it’s not going to change your life, but it’s a perfectly fun way to spend an afternoon.

2 thoughts on “A perfectly acceptable fluffy comedy!

  1. I definitely want to see this, so I’m glad to hear you approve (although, I have to admit, while Leap Year pretty much sucked, I don’t think I have such an aversion to it as you do…that being said, I still think I’d like this movie, too, based on your assessment). 🙂

    P.S.>I have one word for you. Muse.

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