New TV: Thursday (and I’m only a week and a half late!)

Community (7:00, NBC)

Gah! Hands down, very nearly the best, wittiest, funniest show on TV (it’s closing in quickly on 30 Rock). Nothing else to say.

My rating: You should be watching this show. NOW.

The Big Bang Theory (7:00, CBS)

It’s predictable, but I keep coming back! Sheldon is his hilarious self and this time he’s got Amy potentially by his side (Mayim Bialik holding her own in the cast). There’s not much to say, it’s the same-old, same-old, but I love it – if I can remember to watch it later since it’s on up against Community and, as I’ve said before, nothing trumps my Thursday night comedies.

My rating: Sheldon rocks!

30 Rock (7:30, NBC)

Okay. I’ll admit that, despite adoring this show and it STILL being the best show on TV (though Community is giving it a run for is money), I thought last season wasn’t its best. But Liz and co. are back at the top of their game! Liz is dating Carol (hilariously played by Matt Damon – seriously, he’s fantastic!), Jack is expecting a baby with Avery, and everyone else has their usual hijinks afoot. Not much to say except is it Thursday yet!

My rating: How is this show so fantastic?!

The Office (8:00, NBC)

I think The Office may be losing its sparkle. The last couple episodes have been a bit of hit or miss – there are funny or interesting plot lines and moments (Pam’s lie about being Office Administrator, Toby and Michael’s therapy sessions, the results of Kelly’s management training, Erin’s bit about disposable cameras), but there are others that just aren’t quite pulling their own weight (Dwight’s Pretty Woman story line, Erin and GABE?!) and I just can’t see where they’re going to go without Steve Carrell after this season (I mean, it’s either going to be someone doing a Michael impression or the dynamic will change entirely).

My rating: I’m invested in the characters, so I’ll keep watching, but mostly at this point on Thursday nights, I’ll be wondering when Parks and Recreation will be starting up again…

2 thoughts on “New TV: Thursday (and I’m only a week and a half late!)

  1. I’m totally with you on ‘The Office.’ Many great moments but it is hit and miss. Michael will be missed. It looks like James Spader may visit in the fall. I’d definitely vote for Tate to be hired.

    I watch BBT and I don’t know why. I totally love Raj’s lines. Sheldon’s good but pretty predictable. Penny’s nice to look at…..

    30 Rock? Awesome!!! Tina Fey (have u read Bossypants?) and Alec Baldwin are magical. Everyone else, meh…. The writing is top-tier.

    • Yeah, I’m a Catherine Tate fan (from her Doctor Who days) and would definitely be pleased if she came back, though I’ve heard the same thing about Spader (that he’ll probably be back).

      Haha, glad you like 30 Rock – I’m afraid Parks and Rec has taken over as my favorite Thursday night show, but I still love Tina Fey! I haven’t read Bossypants yet, but it’s on the top of my list. I think Alec Baldwin hasn’t resigned his contract for another season, so we’ll have to wait and see what they decide to do – I sort of hope that they call it quits while they’re still great, even though I’ll miss it if they do go off the air.

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