Not very pretty, but very tasty!

Well, at least for now. I realized the other day that it’s been absolutely AGES since I’ve cooked or baked anything new – I’ve basically been living off of tuna pasta and bean burgers lately. And it was sapping my will to live. So! I got my act in gear in finally, FINALLY made a recipe that I’ve been buying the ingredients for and then throwing away since before Claire was here for her visit. Dhaniya Anda Curry (egg curry)!

Having made only one other curry recipe before, I was surprised at the sheer volume of ingredients this took, but it was worth it!

It wasn’t hard to put together, though there was a lot of chopping involved, but I think I might not add quite so much water next time – I’m not sure how watery the curry is supposed to be, but it seemed a littler soupier than I was expecting, despite letting it all simmer for a bit longer than the recipe called for.

It looks a bit runny and mushy, but trust me, it’s very tasty!

2 thoughts on “Not very pretty, but very tasty!

    • I had leftovers tonight, too, and will do for a couple more nights, I think – it reheats well. And my apartment still smells vaguely of curry… You should make it! 🙂

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