In which awesome concert is AWESOME!

The last time Muse came anywhere near here, I was in Hawaii at one of my friend’s wedding. When Liz and I heard they were coming through Milwaukee (which was the closest – get your act together, Muse, and go to Indianapolis next time!)…on a Wednesday…we immediately bought tickets! (Okay, we hesitated a little bit, but hardly even worth mentioning.)


We drove up to Chicago first where we met Liz’s friend Nichole who then drove up the rest of the way to Milwaukee.

A group I’d never heard of called Passion Pit was the opening act and I thought they were really good – sort of Arcade Fire-y, but with the love child of the lead singers from The Music and the band whose name I can’t think of but their lead singer has a super-high voice and they have a song with the word hurricane in it. You know the one I mean.

And then it was time for the main event!

(Oh, lame, I have to remember to always turn Richard landscape to record video in the future. Boo!) ETA: Oh! I think I was actually clever and managed to crop it better!

Their set was amazing! Those three pillars rose up and down, so they could be on the stage or in the air at varying heights and for a lot of the time they left the drummer up a bit so we could see him. Matt Bellamy had a super-fun reflective guitar – a spotlight would shine on it and he would direct the beam around the audience and they had a TON of lights and lasers going on.

Seriously impressive!

Oh, and did I forget to mention his AWESOME PIANO?!?!?! I don’t have a picture of it because I couldn’t get a clear one, but it has a glass top and there are lights sort of embedded in the top that light up corresponding to what he’s playing. It doesn’t sound that exciting when I describe it, but trust me, it is. Back me up here, Liz!

The venue was a LOT smaller than I was expecting – I know Liz and Nichole saw them at the United Center in Chicago which seems much more appropriate, but this place was only maybe half again as big as where I saw Kylie. To be fair, the place is actually quite big, but they hadn’t sold the third tier of seats. Have confidence in yourselves, Muse!

Am I forgetting anything, Liz?!

Note: On our way home, it soon became apparent that civil war had broken out between Wisconsin and Illinois while we’d been in the concert. We seriously hit the most bizarre construction I think I’ve ever seen and the most UNhelpful detour signs I KNOW I’ve ever seen. All I have to say is well done to Nichole for somehow getting us back to Chicago safe and sound. If it had been me on my own, the fourth time I passed the Hospitality Inn, I would have said ‘Screw it, I’ll figure it out in the morning.’ 😉

ETA2: I did take another clip of video and I forgot that this one shows off his spotlight guitar! And since Liz wanted to see it, here it is:

(Seeing them now, I wish I’d let Richard run a bit longer, but at the time I really wanted to see everything for myself…)

2 thoughts on “In which awesome concert is AWESOME!

  1. I think you did an excellent job describing it…and I don’t know if I can help much. Whenever I think about it, I just start squealing. MUSE!!! What about Matt B’s totally awesome suit?? Or sunglasses? Or how they play nonstop b/c they are just that rock ‘n roll? The encore?! The sheer awesomeness is difficult to describe. Believe me, I know what a daunting task it is.

    That video is TINY! But the quality is still amazing. I just played it and started jumping up and down (which just shows how much I love them b/c I just woke up from a nap and feel drained of energy). I always have energy for MUSE!

    And that piano is freakin’ awesome! I guess people just have to see it to believe it! And now I’m going to go watch that video again. Again and again.

    P.S.>Don’t you have another video perchance….? 😉

    • How could I forget his SUPER SHINY SUIT OF AWESOMENESS!

      I think I managed to crop it so it should look better – I forgot that I was filming in portrait, but everything should be in landscape instead – I’ll remember for next time!

      You want to see the eyeballs? I’m on it!

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