And new mac and cheese!

I usually use Alton Brown’s recipe – it’s quick, it’s easy, and I don’t have to fire up the oven for it. But the other day I really felt like a baked macaroni and cheese. So I turned to Ina, as you do.

Very good! I added frozen peas and frozen corn before spooning everything into the baking dish and putting it in the oven and they turned out nice and crunchy, a perfect addition to mac and cheese!

A word of warning, this recipe does make a metric TON of macaroni and cheese. Ina says it serves 6 to 8, but there’s about a third of it left and I’ve gotten 11 servings out of it so far. I’ll definitely halve the recipe next time. I mean, it’s good, but I really don’t fancy eating it for the rest of my life which is how long it would take me to get through it all.


4 thoughts on “And new mac and cheese!

    • So am I! The bloggers’ ennui seems to rear its head every once in a while, so hopefully I’ll be free of it for some time now! 😉

  1. Ah, why do Ina’s recipes always make SO MUCH food? (I made her Italian wedding soup recently, and we finally finished it off after 10 meals, I swear – or at least it felt like 10 meals! But of course the soup was really tasty.) Maybe she assumes we are all hosting fabulous dinner parties with lots of famous, hungry guests. 🙂

    • I know! I mean, her serving sizes must be huge if she expects that six to eight people can eat a 9-by-13 pan’s worth of macaroni and cheese. She’s crazy! But, you’re right, it’s still so tasty. I just have to remember to always halve her recipes – no matter what she says!

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