And still MORE baking!

I just love fall flavors – apples, pumpkins…pumpkins. And pumpkins! So when I saw these Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling and Pecan Streusel, I couldn’t resist.

And I’m glad I didn’t! The recipe calls them muffins, so I do, too, but my friends at work quickly declared them cupcakes (not that it stopped me from eating them for breakfast!). I noticed that in mine, there’s basically a giant hole in them between the top of the cupcake and the cream cheese filling – I can only assume that’s the result of my forgetting to put the streusel on them until they’d already been in the oven for about five minutes. Doesn’t matter – they still taste fine! Also, I left that cream cheese mixture in the freezer for two hours and it never did harden up enough to be anywhere near slice-able. But dolloping it on seems to have worked just fine. Yay!


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