I was going to schedule this post to publish later in the week, but now that I’ve actually tasted these, that would be cruel of me. You need to make these Apple Cheddar Scones now.

I mean now. Go. Do it. I’ll wait to talk about them until you’ve tried them and all you can do is nod in agreement because your mouth is full of extraordinarily delicious scone.


When I saw the post on Smitten Kitchen about these, I thought ‘Oh, that sounds good, I’ll give them a try even though I’m not super thrilled about scones (they tend to be a little dry) nor am I crazy about things that involve mushy apples.’ I had no idea. They’re absolutely perfect – they’re not dry at all, they’re moist and lovely and just sweet enough. I used demerara sugar because I wanted a coarser presence of sweet and crunchy on the top and it’s a perfect contrast between the smoky hint of the cheddar and the apple overtones (every once in a while you get a little chunk of apple, but mostly it’s just a soft flavor).

That’s the only picture I have because I kept thinking ‘Okay, I’ll just take a few more bites and then I’ll take a picture to show them what the inside looks like.’ Yeah, that didn’t work out – I basically inhaled the thing.

I froze the rest because, as Smitten Kitchen rightly points out, scones are really only good the day of baking (and I might even say minutes after baking).

But I really want to go bake off another one…



  1. I’m generally not a big scone fan either (too dry, as you noted – and like J.D. on Scrubs, I prefer croissants), but I bookmarked this recipe as soon as I saw it on smitten kitchen…they sounded awesome, and now you’ve confirmed it! I was going to make pumpkin bread today, but maybe I’ll make these instead. Thanks for not delaying your post! 🙂

    • D’oh! Looks like WordPress ate my comment!

      Did you end up making these? Hope so because they’re amazing! Though the pumpkin bread sounds good, too – what recipe do you use? And I can attest to the fact that they are still just fine after they’ve been frozen – they’re not going to last much longer in my freezer! 🙂

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