Last weekend, Heather and I decided we felt like being domestic and Heather, despite not being a fan of baked goods, suggested we adjourn to the kitchen for a bit of baking. We settled on pretzels – but to keep things interesting, we each chose a different recipe. Heather chose Cinnamon Raisin Pretzels:

They turned out really yummy! I think they’re more of a quick bread shaped into a pretzel (there’s no yeast and no poaching step), but that doesn’t keep them from being tremendously tasty.

I chose a more traditional recipe that I’ve been wanting to make for ages! It wasn’t hard at all, but, you know me, I sort of started to lose interest towards the end. Thank goodness Heather enjoyed the shaping process and offered to help me out, otherwise I probably would’ve just shaped them into small lumps of dough and called it a day.

Like I said, it wasn’t hard – and it wasn’t even very fiddly, but it did just take a while. And it made a ton!

That’s only about half of them. We left half of each of our recipes in Heather’s freezer (hopefully) to be enjoyed later – Heather, you’ll have to let me know how baking them off goes now that they’re frozen!


2 thoughts on “Success!

    • Thanks! I hope so – they ended up being really tasty, but I just wouldn’t be able to eat that many of them before they got stale… 🙂

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