Godammit, where did the time go?!

How did I let this happen again, faithful readers? How is it December already?! On my way to update right now.


2 thoughts on “Godammit, where did the time go?!

  1. Anne, I was worried Arthur had broken your laptop or something ; )

    And it’s not even the 1st December, it’s THE FIFTH OF DECEMBER ALREADY! Crikey! Less than 20 days until Christmas!!

    • I know – as I was typing that, I was like ‘Oh, come on, it can’t already be the second week of December?!’ I know it is, but I absolutely refused to put it in writing. That is not enough days left before Christmas! I still have shopping to do and a giant meal to plan and parties to go to and a concert to sing in and work to be worked – yikes!

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