I’m glad Rachel McAdams was a brunette in this movie…

…because it’s the only way I can tell her apart from Elizabeth Banks!

So I have no idea what kind of reviews this movie is getting because the lazy, lazy postman has just been dumping our magazines and catalogues in a giant pile on the floor and I only just realized it. But I liked it. Quite a lot! It’s nice to see a chick flick where the main plot of the movie does not revolve around a romance for once (though she does have a love interest) – it’s really about a woman and her relationship with her job (and a job that she is good at and also really loves).

I mean, it’s not going to win any awards – unless Harrison Ford wins one for jowliness and also wooden acting and slow talking to impart seriousness – but it’s really quite sweet and Rachel McAdams is so likable, I think I’d watch her in pretty much anything (and it’s also totally her movie and not Diane Keaton’s). It also has one scene that I swear made me laugh harder than I have at a movie in a while. It’s seriously right up there with the tuna vs. lion argument from The Other Guys. Seriously.

It’s taken me so long to write about it that it’s probably not still in the cinema – but that’s okay, it won’t lose anything by being watched on the small screen, so I would highly recommend renting it!

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