And then I saw…

SO GOOD! A strong yet believable heroine (much like Belle), a dashing yet vulnerable hero, a SUPERcute chameleon, and the most awesome horse since…no, there has never been a horse this awesome – what’s not to like?!

Also, the animation is gorgeous, the songs are fun (they don’t tell you that in the ads for it, but yes, it’s a musical), the script is witty, and did I mention the animation is gorgeous? I saw it in 3D and, though I didn’t hate it nearly as much as I was afraid I would, I think it’s probably better seen in 2D – I’ve heard that the 3D process or whatever often tends to dull the colors of a film and this is one where you definitely want the full force of the vibrancy of the colors.

So, yeah, awesome, awesome movie – you really should go see it as soon as you can! Also, can anyone tell me for sure? Does she not count as an official Disney Princess because she’s computer animated? If she doesn’t, that’s a shame because she may be my favorite one now…


10 thoughts on “And then I saw…

    • In EW’s review of it, they call Pascale a frog… WHAT?! Did they even watch the movie?! Because she clears that up for Eugene at some point.

      But, yes, SO GOOD!

      • OK I just worked out why you love this movie so much – Zac Levi does one of the voices! I’ll still fight you for him as it seems he has cut his hair!!

  1. It was for Tangled. He’s left now, *sigh*. He totally didn’t take me up on my offer – I’m obviously not very good at twitter stalking yet!

  2. OK I saw this movie last weekend. AWESOME!

    Sonia and I decided to see it while all the boys were off nerding it up at the games expo, and it was such a fun afternoon! Even more in love with Zac (hands off, Anne!). And oh!, the chameleon, so fabulous! We saw it in 2D and it was great – I think it’ll have to go on my to-buy on dvd list so I can rewatch!

    p.s. I want lanterns and a boat on a lake with Zac. Please arrange that for me.

    • Haha, all right he’s yours, but that means you have to leave The Edge to me! 😉

      I’m glad you liked it – I thought it was a return to classic Disney – I was disappointed that it didn’t get an Oscar nom for Best Animated Feature. 😦 Seemed like it deserved at least a nod!

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