I’m not sure what was happening, but it sure *looked* cool…

I haven’t seen the original Tron and, having seen Tron: Legacy, I think it might have helped if I had. I also think it might have helped if they’d assumed everyone had. As it was we got very little in the way of character development and chemistry between the characters and very much in the way of astounding visuals and backstory. Also a lot of fake young!Jeff Bridges. I don’t know why movie studios keep giving us things like this when they clearly haven’t perfected the technology for it. I mean, it’s come a long way from The Polar Express, but it’s not out of the Uncanny Valley yet. The mouth eludes them still…

Visually, it was pretty amazing and Daft Punk have absolutely killed with a perfect soundtrack. Mostly I was excited to see Olivia Wilde and her prey eyes (seriously, they’re practically on the sides of her head!) outside of her Thirteen role – and I thought she was really good. It was so weird to hear her giggle since Thirteen’s always so serious. I hope we get to see more of her onscreen (and I know we will at least once more she’s in Cowboys and Aliens)!

So, I’d say this movie was on the level of a movie that I’d ordinarily say ‘Rent it’ but in this case, you really need to see it in the theater to get the full effect. If you rent it, it’ll just be a mildly disappointing sci-fi flick. You’ll like it, it’s fun, but there’s not a whole lot of substance or subtlety. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉


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