Christmas brunch!

I’m posting out of order now, but it’s my blog and I can do what I like. 😉 We didn’t have quite our usual spread for brunch on Christmas morning, but our weekend was still pretty rushed since I only had an extra day off, but I think we still managed to pull together an acceptable brunch. We had Eggnog Pancakes With Orange-Cranberry Sauce:

Grandma saved the day here – I forgot to buy enough fresh cranberries, so we used a can of whole-berry cranberry sauce instead and it worked perfectly fine, though I let it reduce down a bit too far and it got kind of thick – more of a spread than a syrup really. But it was still tasty! Also, I have to note that I let Mom do the cooking of the pancakes and I feel she cooked them on a higher heat than I would have chosen (i.e., she totally burned them). We also had Mexican Baked Eggs With Black Beans, Tomatoes, Green Chiles, and Cilantro which were really, really tasty! But the recipe’s author wasn’t kidding when she said that the baked eggs take longer when you’re doing them in one large casserole dish instead of individuals…

And we also had rumballs. I didn’t really intend them to be part of breakfast, but I’d made them and we brought them out anyway.

I’ve made rumballs before and these just weren’t very flavorful. I definitely should have added more rum, but I felt like the chocolate flavor got lost, too, and they just ended up being kind of bland. Disappointing! And last but not least, especially alcohol content-wise, I made Trinidad Punch. It’s basically chocolate milk made with coconut milk and then with a lot of rum added. I decided to serve it cold since the recipe said it was good either way, but I think the coconut milk started to separate and solidify a bit. It was tasty, though, and I’d try it again as a warm drink.


2 thoughts on “Christmas brunch!

  1. Wow that looks awesome! I will have to try all those recipes (excluding the non-recommended rum balls). I’m also impressed that you had rum balls and a creamy cocktail for brunch!

    • I think the egg dish was the best – SO good! I couldn’t really taste the eggnog in the pancakes, though my mom said she could – I would suggest adding some eggnog and maybe some rum for flavor? Give it a try, at least!

      I feel like I made rum balls in a different year and that they were really good – let me see if I can find that recipe… Huh. I’m sure I’ve made them before, but I must not have blogged about it. Well, you’ll have to have a search and let me know what you find!

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