Christmas Dinner Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Oof, it’s been a busy week and took me a long time to get the rest of our Christmas dinner written up, but now that we’re all settled in front of the Rose Bowl and I don’t really care too much about it, I thought I would finally sit down and not keep you all in suspense any longer! 😉

We had my first grand failure in quite some time, a Ricotta and Eggplant Tart With Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes:

It was…not good. At first I thought it just wouldn’t look pretty, but it did not taste nice. At all. I tried a bit of it and promptly spat it back out again. It was just bland and had a weird texture, the spelt crust was tasteless (and a weird recipe that I ended up making twice) and it being served cold didn’t help either. Now, I’m entirely willing to admit that I may have done something wrong here – the recipe was given in weights and my mom doesn’t have a kitchen scale (except that she does – we just didn’t know it at the time), so there was lots of converting between weight and volume going on which never really works well. My mom made a roast from a recipe she found in the local newspaper which she and my dad thoroughly enjoyed, particularly the sauce. The biggest hit of the night was the Horseradish Mashed Potatoes.

Which were amazing. They’re definitely going to give Michael Chiarello’s Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes a run for their money next Thanksgiving. Next up was Green Beans With Leeks, Lemon, and Feta which was very tasty:

And dessert was the other success of the holiday, a Cranberry White Chocolate Lime Tart:

It’s very nice – not super-sweet, there’s only a thin layer of the white chocolate and it’s cut by the tartness of the lime curd and filled out with a cranberry topping that’s sweet and tart. It’s holiday colors and entirely yummy – what more could you ask for!

Overall, though, I was a little disappointed in my recipe choices – everything was edible (with the exception of that horrible tart), but only the potatoes and the tart were things that I’d want to eat again.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. I’m bummed for you that the eggplant tart didn’t work – I’m never a huge fan of eggplant at the best of times – but I’m still entirely impressed at your efforts! You guys know what to celebrate the holidays in style! 🙂

    That tart looks absolutely awesome, but not being able to get fresh cranberries in Oz, do you think rehydrated dried or tinned whole cranberries would work?

    • I should have known from the beginning that it wasn’t going to be good – the roasted eggplant didn’t have any spices or anything and smelled oddly like tea and looked like octopus tentacles! Horrifying! D:

      I would go with the tinned whole cranberries instead and just sort of heat it up enough to kind of melt the jelly part of it (I guess I’m thinking it’ll be like the jiggly cranberry sauce from a can with whole cranberries in it?) and get it to be a spreadable consistency. Also, I learned too late – when you’re spreading it on top of the lime curd layer, I would put it around the edges and spread inward – I dolloped it all in the middle and then spread out which pushed all the lime curd out to the edges. 🙂

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