Bring it, Snowpocalypse!

I have:

  • 1 (one) calzone
  • 1 (one) batch of tuna pasta which is just as good cold as it is hot
  • 6 (six) cookies (well, four – I already at two of them)
  • 1 (one) set of clean dishes
  • 3 (three) extra pitchers of water
  • 1 (one) bag of cat food
  • 1 (one) set of work to work on from home
  • 1 (one) fully charged computer
  • 1 (one) fully charged Richard

See title of post. See you on the other side, fellow Midwesterners!

p.s. – I will, will, will update my blog soon – I promise!

11 thoughts on “Bring it, Snowpocalypse!

  1. We randomly have the american morning shows on one of our weird digital channels, and I’ve been watching! Hope you’re all OK!

    Queensland has really pissed mother nature off somehow – the cyclone hit a couple of days ago, and that coupled with all the earlier flooding… it’s a bit of a mess : (

    • It wasn’t nearly as bad here as it was up in Chicago – I think we ended up with about 7 inches or so of snow and it took them most of Wednesday to get our roads cleared, but we never lost power or anything. 🙂

      I saw that Australia was preparing for a cyclone – where did it hit? Did it do a lot of damage?

  2. Good to hear you are ok! Been hearing about the mountain of snow dumped on you. Stay Safe.
    Yeah QLD has certainly been getting the rath of mother nature, Cyclone Yasi hit in North QLD near Cairns and continued inland to Mt Isa. Lots of damage to property but so far no deaths reported.
    Will send your letter soon.

    • The snow is mostly cleared out of the streets, but it’s been SUPER cold here lately (it’s -16 C at the moment) that nothing’s melting yet. But we’re meant to have a bit of a thaw at the weekend!

      Glad to hear that the cyclone ended up not being too horrific, though I hear you guys are having a heatwave and some bush fires now? Hope you’re safe and staying cool!

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