Followed by review #4!

So, clearly, I needed to follow Black Swan with a ridiculous movie. So Liz and Heather and I decided to pull a double-feature Saturday and kicked things off with The Green Hornet.

Did anyone else realize that Cameron Diaz was in this movie? Because all three of us were surprised when she turned up on the screen. Sneak attack!Cameron Diaz aside, this movie basically does what it says on the package. Explosions? Check. Super hero back story involving extraordinarily overbearing father, a media empire, and a rebellious playboy son? Check. Gadgets? Check. Blokey Seth Rogen? Check. Overly talented sidekick? Check. Plot full of holes? Check. Fun? CHECK!

Don’t go in expecting a Dark Knight- or Spiderman 2-caliber superhero movie, but it’s an entertaining enough way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. 😉


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