And the yum continues!

I was heading over to Heather’s after work and before our weekly Glee gathering, so I brought along the ingredients for tonight’s dinner and made it there to share with Heather and her mom. What did I make? Spaghetti with Spinach and Herb Pesto. How can something so easy be SOOOOO tasty?! I made the pesto last night – just threw everything into the food processor and voila! I didn’t have nearly 2-3 cups of basil and the market here didn’t seem to have any flat-leaf parsley, so I made mine with the baby spinach, what basil I had, and the rest of the bunch of cilantro that I used for garnish on last night’s dinner.

Then all that was left was to make the spaghetti, poach the eggs, and toss everything together! And the result?