The cooking continues!

I woke up feeling pretty gross this morning, but managed to rally in the early afternoon, so I decided to continue my cooking plans as scheduled. First up was a mushroom stroganoff.

I love eating mushrooms, but cooking with them is a pain in the bum! This called for 32 ounces of mushrooms – I used a combination of cremini, oyster, and baby bellas – which are sooooo fiddly to cook with. I had to wipe off every single baby bella individually! But it was worth it. Very tasty! I was a good veggie tonight and omitted the Worcestershire sauce (as it’s made with anchovies) – Heather and I both decided that crushed red pepper flakes would be a good substitution for it next time.

And to follow, I made an Apple-Cider Sugar Upside-Down Cake. Very nice! It’s an egg-white cake so it has a very crispy crust to it. To top it, I made a calvados whipped cream to complement the apple. Also tasty!