Experiments in sweet and savory!

I love combining sweet and savory. I’m always up for bookmarking an interesting sounding recipe that combines two surprising flavors, though I sometimes have to work up the courage to try them. I seem to have had courage coming out of my ears when I made my grocery list last week because I bought ingredients for not one but TWO sweet/savory recipes.

Well, technically a third, but that has sort of fallen through because of the COMPLETE LACK OF POMEGRANATES ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES APPARENTLY! More on that when I eventually get to making the dish in question later on in the week probably. Despite the fact that I do not have a pomegranate. I hate to be that person who’s all ‘This is America, we are entitled to X’ but…’THIS IS AMERICA! WE ARE ENTITLED TO YEAR-ROUND EXOTIC PRODUCE WHICH INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, POMEGRANATES. Also figs.’ But apparently, that’s not actually included in the constitution.

Okay, enough of that bitterness, on to the things I’ve actually made! First up was Red Grape Pizza with Honey, Rosemary, and Pecorino. I’ve had this bookmarked for ages! But was a little disappointed. I think my grapes may have been a little underripe because they seemed a more sour than sweet. Also, I got overwhelmed at the cheese case and bought parmesan instead of pecorino, so I don’t know if that would have made it a bit more flavorful. Someone said they saw a similar recipe that used blue cheese and I think that actually might have been nice – a bigger contrast to the sweetness of the grapes and sort of lemony-fragrance of the rosemary. It was a bust, but I think I’ll stick with my white pizza for now. (Until I manage to get my hands on fresh figs – I have a pizza recipe I want to try that uses fresh figs.)

Next up was one that I was unsure of after the fact, but everyone I gave them to loved them. Even Heather, who doesn’t like chocolate, was enthusiastic about them. Chocolate Basil Muffins. Sounds intriguing, right? I think it works – I kind of want to add something to bridge the flavors of the chocolate and the basil, but I’m not sure what that would be. Lemon zest? I don’t know. I think I either overmixed them or overbaked them because I found them to be a tad on this side of too dry (though no one else commented on that), so I ended up adding the frosting from Pioneer Woman’s Texas sheet cake to make them a little more chocolate-y and give the illusion of them being moister than they were.