Oof, fish guilt ahoy…

I saw Sunny Anderson make her Easy Salmon Pie while I was housesitting at my parents’ – oh, Food Network, how I miss you! – and it looked so good, I couldn’t resist. Also, it fit my guilt-ridden vegetarian rules perfectly – it was a recipe I could make without actually have to touch the fish (one word: tongs).

It wasn’t hard to make, though a bit time consuming. I think the most difficult thing was getting the mushroom sauce, spinach, and salmon tucked into the puff pastry. If I make this again (and I probably will, though I certainly won’t tell you about it again – it’ll just be my dark secret), I think I’ll probably go ahead and use both sheets of puff pastry and get two packets out of each. I may have to cut off a bit of excess around the edges, but at least things won’t be leaking all over the place!

I actually put them all together and then froze them which worked really well – I do thaw these out before baking them, though, so the fish has a chance to cook all the way through. One tip, though – don’t forget to prick the puff pastry before you put everything in; the bottom is a bit soggy each time and I think this is probably why.


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