Oh, good, supernatural, grownup movie…

After seeing previews for this for what seemed like FOREVER, The Adjustment Bureau finally opened here on Friday. And it was really good! Matt Damon is really likable as an up-and-coming politician (despite his recent comments regarding Obama definitely losing him any points he’d gained from being on 30 Rock) and he has great chemistry with Emily Blunt. The bad guys are not completely bad and there are some very exciting semi-action scenes. It has a few problems – mostly that they kind of paint themselves into a difficult corner with their premise that makes for a bit of an anti-climactic, well, climax, but overall, it was a good movie.

Definitely worth the wait!


We just finished up a big project at work – one that’s been stressing us out for MONTHS, now – and we decided to celebrate with a party for everyone who worked on it. Unfortunately, the weather messed up the first date we’d scheduled the party for, so we finally had it last week! I may have gone overboard in making desserts to share with everyone – I ended up with lots and lots and lots of leftovers. What did I make, you ask?

Margarita cookies – I am really not a fan of sables/shortbreads/etc., so these are not for me – I’d made them before after a stressful project and decided to make them again as they’d been well-received then. And, oops, I forgot to take my own advice about doubling the amount of zest and tequila…

Mint brownies – Yum! OMG, yum! Good at room-temperature, but pretty amazing served from the fridge. I only had an 8×8 dish, so each layer of mine was a bit thicker than originally intended. Didn’t affect the taste, though!

Pear and ginger muffins – I had trepidations about this one – it was the only one I couldn’t taste before I brought them to the party, but, pleasant surprise, they were amazing! I like the sharpness of the ginger with the soft sweetness of the pear. I bet it would be good with cinnamon, too, but you know how I feel about cinnamon with fruit. 😉

And last up was Ina’s lemon yoghurt cake – I actually didn’t have two cups of yoghurt like I thought I did, so I used a combination of about 1 cup of ricotta, 1/2 cup of yoghurt, and 1/2 cup mascarpone cheese and it still turned out really yummy! I doubled the recipe and put it in a bundt pan – it rose a bit too much, so I had to slice off the top/bottom to make it a proper bundt cake size, but it meant more for me to eat for breakfast and it was SO good. Because there was so much batter, it took longer to bake and I was worried that the bottom/top would be dry, but I’ve been assured since that that was not the case. Yay!

But like I said, I made way too much food – I basically had the whole cake left over – so I’ve been sharing with Heather and my parents, so I wasn’t left to eat all of it myself. Not that I would have minded, but I don’t think it would have done me any favors figure-wise…