Looks fancy, doesn’t it?

I tend to stick with my trusty farfalle, but this past week I’ve gone a bit off the rails in pasta experimentations!First up was (Artichoke) Heart-Stuffed Shells in a Ricotta Sauce:

I usually love Smitten Kitchen’s recipes, though it now occurs to me to wonder whether or not I’ve ever made any of her savory dishes because this…didn’t really impress me as much as her recipes for baked goods usually do. It was an awful lot of work for not a lot of flavor. I salted everything as I went and it was still very bland. I felt like it needed crushed red pepper flakes somewhere along the way or at least some lemon zest to brighten things up. I would add both the next time I make this – except that I also wasn’t crazy about the texture of the filling.

Jillian, you’ve made stuffed shells, right? Do you have a go-to recipe? Does Giada have one you’d recommend?