Thank you, Google Translate!

Because without you, I wouldn’t have discovered this delicious cake because I, alas, don’t speak Russian. It’s a cake with vermouth and grapes, of all things. I was intrigued, to say the least, and since I had grapes left over from my pizza earlier, this seemed like a good way to use them up.

It was very yummy – the vermouth really brings out the sweetness of the grapes! Just one tip – don’t try to be extra clever like I did. The poster of the recipe said that instead of tossing the grapes with the tablespoon of flour, she just poked them into the batter after it had been poured into the cake pan. ‘Silly poster,’ I thought, ‘they’ll all just sink straight to the bottom of the cake if you don’t toss them in the flour.’ And on I went on my merry way.

Except that since you just set them into the batter which will become the bottom of the cake once it’s turned out of the pan, you actually do want them to sink to the bottom (which will become the top) of the cake! So either toss them in flour and then fold them in prior to pouring the batter into the pan or leave both those steps out and then just sort of poke them into the batter once it’s in the pan. It was still good, but it resulted in the bottom of the cake being extra soggy since it just sits in the juice from the grapes.

Learn from my mistakes!