Tagliatelle, penne…same difference!

Next on my recent tour of pastas was Tagliatelle with New Potatoes, Green Beans, and Pesto. I couldn’t find tagliatelle at the market and couldn’t remember what it was like – from the picture where I found the recipe, it looks like I should have chosen fettuccine? But I don’t have a good track record with fettuccine, so I went with penne instead. Pasta is pasta – I’m not a connoisseur yet.

I ended up making my own pesto – I was planning on making the spinach one that goes with this recipe, but I didn’t have spinach, so I ended up throwing in what I did have which was probably two bunches of flat leaf parsley and one bunch of cilantro with garlic and parmesan. It was okay – I think it was a bit bland because I didn’t have as much stuff as I should have to balance out the olive oil. It needs the bulk of the spinach.


2 thoughts on “Tagliatelle, penne…same difference!

    • Haha, it’s a risk you have to take, I guess! 😉 This recipe makes a TON of food – I’m planning on eating the rest of it for lunch all this week…

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